Flowereality The imagined happiness of being a flower.
The High Cost of Weddings
The High Cost of Weddings Type is used as lace in this wedding dress illustration to highlight wedding expenses.
Behavior Patterns: Cranky
Behavior Patterns: Cranky
The Reality of Rainbows
The Reality of Rainbows
The Rainbow Bird
The Rainbow Bird Written and illustrated by jax - a seemingly melancholy tale that is unfinished.
Under the Sea
Under the Sea Written and illustrated by jax.
Polar Pals 3D
Polar Pals 3D Any chance I get, I love to include Narwhals!
Who am I?
Who am I? Bedtime Stories for Anxious Adults. Part of a book series that is, as of yet, mostly in my head...which makes me anxious.
Daily Doily Owl
Daily Doily Owl When I play around with pattern components, I often get aliens. This time I got an owl.
Frightened Rabbit
Frightened Rabbit This poster idea (not published) came about from a Facebook collaboration that lead to the discovery of the Scottish Band: Frightened Rabbit.
Bluebird This illustration was included in a group show at the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum's solarium. Thanks, Diane!
Stress Puppy
Stress Puppy Part of a stress puppy series.

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