Flowereality The imagined happiness of being a flower.
Snuggle Sack
Snuggle Sack
The Reality of Rainbows
The Reality of Rainbows
Polar Pals 3D
Polar Pals 3D Any chance I get, I love to include Narwhals!
Who am I?
Who am I? Bedtime Stories for Anxious Adults. Part of a book series that is, as of yet, mostly in my head...which makes me anxious.
Daily Doily Owl
Daily Doily Owl When I play around with pattern components, I often get aliens. This time I got an owl.
SPLAT! Alien on the windshield.
Frightened Rabbit
Frightened Rabbit This poster idea (not published) came about from a Facebook collaboration that lead to the discovery of the Scottish Band: Frightened Rabbit.
Bluebird This illustration was included in a group show at the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum's solarium. Thanks, Diane!
The High Cost of Weddings
The High Cost of Weddings Type is used as lace in this wedding dress illustration to highlight wedding expenses.
Alien Space Doily
Alien Space Doily Sometimes aliens happen.
Under the Sea
Under the Sea Written and illustrated by jax.
The Rainbow Bird
The Rainbow Bird Written and illustrated by jax - a seemingly melancholy tale that is unfinished.
Stress Puppy
Stress Puppy Part of a stress puppy series.

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