Type Casting 1
Type Casting 1 This image reflects my fear of working with Letterpress.
May Sarton: Snow Fall
May Sarton: Snow Fall Rendering the lines of the poem to invoke the feeling of snow fall.
Tofu the typeface
Tofu the typeface I apologize to my Typography teachers, but in my defense I had been eating a lot of tofu at the time and so this happened.
Birds Birds is the word, people.
Lithos Pro Bones X-ray
Lithos Pro Bones X-ray I added bones to Lithos...just seemed like the right thing to do.
Imaginary book cover series: Travel Tales
Imaginary book cover series: Travel Tales I'm not a fan of being out on the open sea, and I'm pretty sure there ARE still seamonsters out there. Be careful, people.
Opacity These letterforms were done in Photoshop for the purpose of playing with letter components using opacity and/or color.
The Dog Knows
The Dog Knows First of all, I love dog noses, hence the play on words. And I might add: The dog DOES know, he really does.
Floral An homage to the designer Jim Flora.
Rock the Boat
Rock the Boat I tried to do a nautical theme, but my fear of boating drove the title I chose.
Individual Freedom
Individual Freedom
Lithos Pro Bonz
Lithos Pro Bonz I added bones to Lithos...just seemed like the right thing to do.
The Fall
The Fall Original poem
Rainbow A mock-up of an idea for a translucent outdoor sculpture large enough so that people can walk between the letters, and outdoors to let sunlight reflect the colors.
Type Faces
Type Faces Experimenting with letters as image
Stress Puppy the typeface
Stress Puppy the typeface A work in progress as I'm stressed about finishing it.

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